Tokyo/Kanto Region

Tobu Isezaki Line (Local)  
Passenger injury.
At about 23:41, due to the influence of personal injury that occurred between Tatara and The Prefecture on the Isesaki Line, we are canceling the operation on the uphill line between Tatebayashi and Ashikaga City Stations. This causes some trains to be delayed. The resumption of operation is expected at about 0:40. It may be back and forth depending on the situation in the field.

Southern California

Metrolink Riverside Line - Train # 409
48 mins ago: RIV Line 409 to Los Angeles will use track 2 at Ontario-East today.

Metro A (Blue) Line
Reduction in Service
79 mins ago: A LINE (BLUE): 9:30am-2:30pm, Trains share 1 track at Compton & Artesia due to maintenance.

Northern California

BART reported on schedule.
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