Tokyo Metropolitan Area/Kanto Region

All of the following railways are reported to be operating on schedule:
  • JR East Japan
  • Tokyo Metro
  • Toei Lines
  • Keio Corporation
  • Tobu Railway
  • Keisei Electric Railway
  • Keikyu Railway
  • Seibu Railway
  • TWR
    Southern California

    Metro Blue Line
    Reduction in Service
    2 mins ago: BLUE LINE: Today 8am-1pm, every 20 min due to maint. Trains share 1 track btwn
    Metro Red Line
    Reduction in Service
    5 mins ago: RED LINE: Today open-6pm, every 18 min. Trains share 1 track at H'wood/Highland & H'wood/Vine due to maint. Normal Purple Ln service.
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