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Miura Daichi
  Top40 Chart  
Title     Weeks Peak On Air
Keep It Goin' On    61404/02/05
Free Style    32106/04/2005
No Limit featuring Utamaru  
No Limit Featuring 宇多丸
Your Love feat. KREVA  CD coverBuy this CD 13402/22/2009
Delete My Memories  CD coverBuy this CD  05/23/2009
Whos The Man  CD coverBuy this CD 42809/26/2009
The Answer  CD coverBuy this CD  08/07/2010
Lullaby  CD coverBuy this CD  12/04/2010
Turn Off The Light  CD coverBuy this CD  09/17/2011
Two Hearts  CD coverBuy this CD 41804/21/2012
Right Now  CD coverBuy this CD 13512/15/2012
GO FOR IT  CD coverBuy this CD  07/06/2013
I'm On Fire  CD coverBuy this CD  11/16/2013
Anchor  CD coverBuy this CD 13003/08/2014
Bring It Down     10/11/2014
Furueau Dake de-Always with You  
ふれあうだけで~Always with you~
CD coverBuy this CD  11/08/2014
Fureau Dake de-Always with You  
ふれあうだけで~Always with you~
CD coverBuy this CD 61911/22/2014
Its the Right Time  
it’s the Right Time
CD coverBuy this CD  12/13/2014
Unlock  CD coverBuy this CD  02/14/2015
Music  CD coverBuy this CD  05/30/2015
Sing Out Loud  CD coverBuy this CD 13408/15/2015
Cry and Fight  CD coverBuy this CD 3803/26/2016
Re Play  
CD coverBuy this CD 21611/27/2016
EXCITE  CD coverBuy this CD 5501/21/2017
Darkest Before Dawn  CD coverBuy this CD 32803/18/2017
U  CD coverBuy this CD 4407/09/2017
Let Tonight Be Forever Remembered  
普通の今夜のことを -let tonight be forever remembered-