There are now several ways for you to hear the J1 Networks and once you find us, you will love us!

Our Channels

 - The original J1 hit music channel for Japan's hottest hits.
 - J1 XTRA: playing the widest variety of hits from Japan's Heisei era (1989~2019).
 - J1 GOLD: playing the greatest hits from the latter part of the Showa era (60s, 70s, 80s).

Preferred Methods

J1 JPlayer

 The best way to listen to J1 on your desktop.  This compact browser player displays the current song title in English and Japanese as well as the latest updates on Tokyo travel, weather and earthquakes.  Click the "Listen Now" links at the top of the J1 website to launch the J1 JPlayer.  No additional software required.

J1 Mobile App

 Let's go keitai!  J1 provides a single app that gives access to J1 HITS, J1 XTRA, J1 GOLD and English language programming from REC Delmarva FM. Available for Android or iPhone.  Powered by Aiir.  

NOTE: The iPhone app is currently unavailable.  We will announce when it becomes available again.  Should relaunch in early July, 2020.

J1 Roku Channel

 All J1 networks are available on our own dedicated channel on Roku devices and compatible smart TVs. In addition to the J1 Networks, the channel will also have on-demand audio and the Top-40 chart.  The channel is available in all markets where Roku is available, including Latin America.

Other ways to listen

Winamp or other MP3 player 

 If you prefer to use your own MP3 player, you are welcome to do so.  All three channels do stream the titles to Winamp or other players.  To listen to J1 on an MP3 player, just go direct to our links:

Internet Appliances & MP3 players that do not support redirects

 Any hardware that accepts an MP3 stream URL could work.  We do note that some devices may not accept a secure (SSL, HTTPS) address.  If the URL shown does not work, use the alternate URL in the second section:


Channel Stream URL  



For internet appliances and other devices that will not accept a HTTPS (secure, SSL) stream URL address.

Channel   Alternate URL



 TuneIn brings many streaming radio stations including the J1 Networks on your desktop, via a mobile app and to other internet appliances.  

J1 streams on TuneIn are currently not available for listening on a Google Chrome web browser.  We plan to resolve this issue in early April, 2020.

Radio Garden

  Explore radio stations from all over the world at


Note about other third-party mobile apps

There are many mobile apps out there that are designed to tune in Japanese language stations and may include J1 along with other stations. While we do not object to those apps, J1 does not provide any assistance to these apps.  If there are any network changes at J1, only the supported methods shown above would be updated with the revised information.  J1 recommends that you install our own mobile app or if you want to have a choice of stations to listen to in a single app, download the TuneIn app.   If you are an app developer and want to add J1 to your radio player app, please visit our Developer's Page.

Thank you for listening to J1!