Recent Japan Earthquake Activity

Based on data from the initial EEW announcement
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Intensity Report Time (JST) Magnitude Depth Epicenter
22017-06-22 15:38:05M3.510Off the coast of Fukushima
32017-06-21 17:14:31M4.430Off the east coast of Chiba
12017-06-21 13:01:47M4.210Off the southeast coast of Kyushu
12017-06-21 09:53:57M3.420Off the coast of Fukushima
22017-06-20 05:33:49M4.710Near the coast of Okinawa Island
32017-06-19 05:52:17M4.210Fukushima-Nakadori
Unknown2017-06-19 04:35:42M3.8280Near the coast of Niijima / Kouzujima
22017-06-19 01:24:47M3.770Tochigi-South
32017-06-16 22:40:56M4.320Hyuganada
22017-06-13 22:52:31M3.610Off the east coast of Chiba
22017-06-13 13:23:28M4.040Off the coast of Miyagi
12017-06-13 09:03:19M4.410Off the coast of Fukushima
32017-06-13 04:05:19M4.260Chiba-Northwestern
32017-06-12 20:40:08M3.910
12017-06-12 07:47:23M3.310Off the coast of Fukushima
22017-06-11 07:53:47M4.240Off the coast of Fukushima
22017-06-10 21:06:55M3.770Off the east coast of Aomori
22017-06-10 18:19:48M3.510Off the southeast coast of Nemuro Peninsula
22017-06-10 16:32:18M4.460Off the coast of Kushiro
22017-06-10 15:52:37M4.130Near Iriomotejima
22017-06-10 04:35:23M4.110Off the coast of Iwate
32017-06-09 23:37:11M4.020
22017-06-08 23:52:24M3.5100
32017-06-08 09:26:18M4.530Chiba-Northeastern
12017-06-08 08:01:12M3.620Off the coast of Fukushima
12017-06-07 14:32:44M3.510Off the coast of Fukushima
22017-06-04 22:25:36M4.510Near Taiwan
32017-06-04 11:10:42M4.330Off the east coast of Chiba
22017-06-04 07:28:05M3.710Off the coast of Fukushima
22017-06-02 17:36:17M4.010Near the coast of Okinawa Island
12017-05-31 16:53:11M3.610Near Southern Sakhalin
12017-05-31 16:53:11M3.610Near Southern Sakhalin
12017-05-28 22:48:49M3.630Off the coast of Miyagi
22017-05-28 15:19:27M3.7120Saitama-South
32017-05-27 22:51:03M4.910
22017-05-27 01:46:49M4.040Off the coast of Miyagi
12017-05-23 23:18:16M3.720Off the east coast of Osumi Peninsula
32017-05-22 20:02:35M6.010Off the east coast of Hokkaido
22017-05-20 20:28:08M5.110Off the coast of Sanriku
22017-05-20 12:59:00M3.520Off the east coast of Aomori
12017-05-20 07:23:36M3.410Off the coast of Miyagi
22017-05-17 08:49:25M3.640Off the coast of Miyagi
22017-05-15 16:06:50M5.310Near the coast of Amami Oshima
12017-05-14 03:59:27M3.730Off the coast of Fukushima
32017-05-12 05:55:20M4.740Near the coast of Miyakojima
32017-05-11 20:22:15M4.210
Unknown2017-05-11 06:15:28M3.5230
22017-05-10 23:12:36M3.540Gifu Mino Midwest
12017-05-10 21:40:17M4.110Off the coast of Fukushima
12017-05-10 20:42:30M3.740Off the coast of Fukushima
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About earthquake data

J1 monitors a Twitter account that receives alerts from the Japan Meteorlogical Agency's Earthquake Early Warning system. This system will then relay information about earthquakes with an intensity on the Japanese scale of 0~7.

Disclaimer of Earthquake Early Warning on J1 Radio

Data received by J1 that came from the JMA Earthquake Early Warnning (EEW) system should not be considered as an early warning due to internet related delays. It can be as long as about 5 minutes from an activation to the time it's available to J1 sources. While we make every effort to get out information, this is in no way a guaranteed service and is subject to interruption at any time. Those in Japan who hear an alert tone over J1 Radio should immediately monitor local radio or television broadcasts or their mobile phone for preliminary official EEW information. Therefore, REC Networks/J1 Radio can not be liable due to the delay or the failure to relay EEW information and J1's use of EEW data should not be used in replacement of official Japanese resources.

Detailed information about an earthquake is available usually about 5 minutes following the event from the Japanese Meteorlogical Agency: