Due to ongoing pressure from the American recording industry, J1's current streaming provider is going to "geoblock" all listening in the United States including Puerto Rico and all other territories and possessions. 

A majority of all J1 listening across all four channels (HITS, XTRA, GOLD and A-chan) comes from Japan.  The USA accounts for approximately 15% of all J1 listening.  Because of that, we do feel that we need to maintain some form of service to the USA audience.  REC has identified another streaming provider that (for now) will continue to stream under the SOCAN license.  We don't know how long this will continue so we stress, the moves that we are making for the USA may only be temporary and there may be a day when J1 will not be able to broadcast within the USA, period.  So, let's enjoy this while we still can.

Because of bandwidth and budget restrictions involved with operating two simultaneous versions of the broadcasts, the three J1 channels that will be delivered to the USA will be of reduced bandwidth.  J1 HITS will be delivered in 96K stereo, J1 XTRA will be delivered in 64K stereo and J1 GOLD will be delievered in 32K mono.  If our budget and bandwidth situation gets better in the future, we may improve this.

For listeners in Japan and the rest of the world outside of the USA, there are no changes to how you listen to J1. 

There was a streaming URL change for REC-FM that affects worldwide listeners.

With the geoblocking coming into effect, A-chan will no longer be available to USA listeners.  A-chan is handled in a manner different than the other J1 stations.  A-chan will remain available as usual to the rest of the world.

For US listeners, this is how each listening method will change:

J1 WEBSITE - j1fm.tokyo - J1 Jplayer
For US listeners, the J1 website will display only HITS, XTRA and GOLD.  You will be able to click the links on the website to play the station using the J1 Jplayer. 

J1 MOBILE APP powered by Nobex
The "main" channel associated with the mobile app will still go to the J1 global stream and will be blocked in the USA.  We have added separate buttons for HITS, XTRA and GOLD that are labeled as "(US only)" and will go to our US feeds.

The existing Roku channel will continue with the global feeds. That version of the channel is no longer available in the USA.  A new version of the channel is now available in the Roku Channel Store.  You may need to uninstall your existing J1 Radio channel and obtain the new version.  The new version of the channel can be found at https://channelstore.roku.com/details/267198/j1-radio-usa.  

Currently, TuneIn is directing to the global feeds for HITS, XTRA and GOLD and under the current design will be blocked to the USA on January 12.  Unfortunately, TuneIn is currently not an option for US listeners.  This is an issue we are working on.

Radio Garden is currently pointed at the global feeds.  We will work with Radio Garden to attempt to get the USA-only feeds available. 

Currently, only the global feeds are working.  We will be soon adding the USA feeds.

Currently, the global feed for HITS and all three USA feeds should be working.

For those who prefer to use these types of players, here are the new direct stream URLs for the USA:

J1 HITS 96K 44.1 kHz MP3
J1 XTRA 64K 44.1 kHz MP3
J1 GOLD 32K 22.05 kHz MP3 mono
REC-FM (worldwide) 128K 44.1 kHz MP3


For non-USA listeners, a note about "geodumping"

The new USA feeds are for US listeners only.  In order to assure full availability, we require non-USA listeners to use the original stream URLs.  J1 will be set up so if a player access the USA stream from outside of the USA, it may be disconnected ("dumped") within a minute of connecting.  The use of the correct streams help J1 remain on the air.

Again, this was an issue outside of our control.  We appreciate you listening to the J1 networks.  J1 LOVES JAPAN!  J1 LOVES YOU!